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We are
the biggest Chinchilla Farm
in Poland
and we offer animals
for further breeding and for fur.

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About Us

The MJ Chinchilla farm (located in Dusocin near Grudziądz) was founded in 2016. However, the preparations for chinchilla breeding had begun a lot earlier.
At the turn of 2015, the owners visited the best fur farms in Poland and abroad, participated in shows and trade conferences, read into professional literature and took part in expert consultations. From the very beginning, it was intended that the MJ Chinchilla farm would become a source of the best genetic material for further breeding. 

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Our services

We are professional breeders of Standard and Beige colour variety chinchillas intended for further breeding, which we offer to both wholesale and private customers. We also farm chinchillas for fur.
Additionally, we also carry a range of accessories and supplies for breeding and feeding.

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Standard Chinchillas

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Beige Chinchillas

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Chinchillas for fur

chinchilla - photo

Chinchillas for fur

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Cages and accessories

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Chinchilla food

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Not much is known about the historic distribution of chinchilla populations because the species has been heavily exploited by man for decades, and no extensive research has been conducted on wild populations.

The natural chinchilla habitats are located on the barren, arid and unwelcoming mountain slopes of Northern and Central Chile, on elevations from ca 400 to 1,650 m above sea level. These areas are rocky and sandy, sparsely covered in shrubs, herbs, cacti and succulents.

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MJ Chinchilla Sp. z o.o.:
Przy skarpie 10H/12
87-100 Toruń

NIP: 879-26-24-995 


Mail: biuro@mjchinchilla.pl

Jakub Janiszewski

tel.: 513 108 036

Paweł Madej

tel.: 660 715 260


Farm location:
Dusocin 64,
86-302 Dusocin

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